Surplus Line

Association of Minnesota

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NAIC Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers

A.M. Best Company A.M. Best Company
       Provider of ratings, news and financial data for the insurance industry.

AAMGA American Association of Managing General Agents

Arizona SLA Surplus Line Association of Arizona
       Manager:  Scott Wede
       Telephone:  (602) 279-6344

California SLA The Surplus Line Association of California
       Executive Director:  Benjamin McKay
       Telephone:  (415) 434-4900

Colorado SLA Colorado Surplus Lines Association
       Executive Director:  John Wethey
       Telephone:  (303) 331-9399

Florida SLA Florida Surplus Lines Association
       Executive Director:  Roger Gobler
       Telephone:  (904) 631-1322

Florida Stamping Office Florida Surplus Lines Service Office
       Executive Director:  Gary Pullen
       Telephone:  (800) 562-4496 Ext. 102

Idaho SLA Surplus Line Association of Idaho
       Manager:  Wendy Tippetts
       Telephone:  (208) 336-2901

Illinois SLA Surplus Line Association of Illinois
       Executive Director:  David L. Ocasek
       Telephone:  (312) 263-1993

Louisiana SLA Louisiana Surplus Line Association
       Executive Director:  Sal Marino
       Telephone:  (985) 792-4798

MN Dept. of Commerce Minnesota Department of Commerce
       Telephone:  (651) 539-1500

Mississippi SLA Mississippi Surplus Lines Association
       Executive Director:  Peggy Dronet
       Telephone:  (601) 713-1111 Ext. 301

MN Dept. of Revenue Minnesota Department of Revenue
       Telephone:  (651) 556-3024

Montana SLA Montana Surplus Lines Agent Association
       Telephone:  (406) 443-7324

NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners

NAPSLO National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices, Ltd.

Nevada SLA Nevada Surplus Lines Association
       Executive Director:  Lynn Twaddle
       Telephone:  (888) 334-4577

New York SLA Excess Line Association of New York
       Executive Director:  Daniel Maher, Jr.
       Telephone:  (212) 425-1022

Ohio SLA Ohio Surplus Lines Association
       Executive Director:  N/A
       Telephone:  N/A

Oregon SLA The Surplus Line Association of Oregon
       Executive Director:  Roger Helbling
       Telephone:  (503) 718-6700

Pennsylvania SLA Pennsylvania Surplus Lines Association
       Executive Director:  Kenneth A. Rudert
       Telephone:  (610) 594-1340

Texas SLA Texas Surplus Lines Association, Inc.
       Executive Director:  Jean Patterson
       Telephone:  (512) 343-9058

Texas Stamping Office Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas
       Executive Director:  Norma Essary
       Telephone:  (800) 449-6394 Ext. 224

Utah SLA Surplus Line Association of Utah
       Executive Manager:  Sylvia C. Bruno
       Telephone:  (801) 944-0114

Surplus Line Association of Washington
       Manager:  Robert Hope
       Telephone:  (206) 682-3409

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