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This page provides the links to the websites for the surplus lines and related organizations. It also provides a link to the NAIC quarterly listing of alien insurers. If you know any websites to share, please contact us with details

Visit Related Websites

  • A.M. Best Company A.M. Best Company
     Provider of ratings, news and financial data for the insurance industry.
  • AAMGA American Association of Managing General Agents
  • Arizona SLA Surplus Line Association of Arizona
     Manager:  Scott Wede
     Phone:  (602) 279-6344
  • California SLA The Surplus Line Association of California
     Exec. Director:  Benjamin McKay
     Phone:  (415) 434-4900
  • Colorado SLA Colorado Surplus Lines Association
     Exec. Director:  John Wethey
     Phone:  (303) 331-9399
  • Florida SLA Florida Surplus Lines Association
     Exec. Director:  Roger Gobler
     Phone:  (904) 631-1322
  • Florida Stamping Office Florida Surplus Lines Service Office
     Exec. Director:  Gary Pullen
     Phone:  (800) 562-4496
     Ext. 102
  • Idaho SLA Surplus Line Association of Idaho
     Manager:  Wendy Tippetts
     Phone:  (208) 336-2901
  • Illinois SLA Surplus Line Association of Illinois
     Exec. Director:  David L. Ocasek
     Phone:  (312) 263-1993
  • Louisiana SLA Louisiana Surplus Line Association
     Exec. Director:  Sal Marino
     Phone:  (985) 792-4798
  • MN Dept. of Commerce Minnesota Department of Commerce
     Phone:  (651) 539-1500
  • Mississippi SLA Mississippi Surplus Lines Association
     Exec. Director:  Peggy Dronet
     Phone:  (601) 713-1111
     Ext. 301
  • MN Dept. of Revenue Minnesota Department of Revenue
     Phone:  (651) 556-3024
  • Montana SLA Montana Surplus Lines Agent Association
     Phone:  (406) 443-7324
  • NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  • NAPSLO National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices, Ltd.
  • Nevada SLA Nevada Surplus Lines Association
     Exec. Director:  Lynn Twaddle
     Phone:  (888) 334-4577
  • New York SLA Excess Line Association of New York
     Exec. Director:  Daniel Maher, Jr.
     Phone:  (212) 425-1022
  • Ohio SLA Ohio Surplus Lines Association
     Exec. Director:  N/A
     Phone:  N/A
  • Oregon SLA The Surplus Line Association of Oregon
     Exec. Director:  Roger Helbling
     Phone:  (503) 718-6700
  • Pennsylvania SLA Pennsylvania Surplus Lines Association
     Exec. Director:  Kenneth A. Rudert
     Phone:  (610) 594-1340
  • Texas SLA Texas Surplus Lines Association, Inc.
     Exec. Director:  Jean Patterson
     Phone:  (512) 343-9058
  • Texas Stamping Office Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas
     Exec. Director:  Norma Essary
     Phone:  (800) 449-6394
     Ext. 224
  • Utah SLA Surplus Line Association of Utah
     Exec. Manager:  Sylvia C. Bruno
     Phone:  (801) 944-0114
  • Surplus Line Association of Washington
     Manager:  Robert Hope
     Phone:  (206) 682-3409